Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you need more information, or do you have questions? You might find an answer here, or your ContactMama will be happy to answer you.

General questions

How many meals and how much food is provided?

We try to reach an average of 3 to 5 visits per pampering. However, it may depend on the volunteers’ availability. We cannot guarantee a minimum.

The meals provided are planned for the entire family as indicated in the registration, and they are eaten when it’s convenient for the PamperedMama.

Why do I have to give my contact details?

Your contact details are used only for the purpose of organising your pampering efficiently. They will help us find the volunteers closest to your home. They will be forwarded in accordance with our privacy policy, always respectfully and in the smallest quantities possible.

For the GiftMamas, your contact details enable us to contact you and send you thanks and gifts. We provide your contact details, including your first name, surname, phone number and email address, to the PamperedMama only if you have signed up for her pampering.

No personal data is sold or shared with external third parties without your consent.

How long does a pampering last?

Everything depends on how many GiftMamas are available to pamper a mum. A pampering may include from 1 to 8 visits. It may be split up over the days of the week when the mum comes home, or over several weeks starting with one visit 2 to 3 days a week. The programme covers 4 to 5 weeks maximum.


Are the photo and profile mandatory?

No, these are two additional ways for our procedure to boost your profile with the GiftMamas.

Are my contact details published on the internet or on social media?

In principle, your first name, city and the minimum amount of information required to organise your pampering are published on the pampering map which is available on our social media, and we reserve the right to use this information to find volunteers for you on social media.

If you do not wish any information whatsoever to be published about you, indicate this in response to the registration email.

Do I have to pay for the meals that are brought to me?

No, the basic principle of SuperMamans is founded on mutual assistance at no cost. The meal is given to you by the GiftMama who brings it to you. However, please feel free to give her something in return if you’d like, or to make a donation to the association to support the concept.

Do I have to become a GiftMama after being pampered?

No, there is no obligation. The idea is that a GiftMama pampers another mum with pleasure, not as an obligation. However, the experience is equally enriching as a GiftMama, and we encourage you to give it a try when you feel ready!

We’ve adopted a child; am I eligible for pampering?

Of course! Any family welcoming a new child into the home is entitled to being pampered. We’d be pleased to organise your pampering to facilitate your adaptation to this new life adventure.


May I bring someone with me for a pampering session?

Yes, the name you’re given is “GiftMama”, so it’s understood that you may be a volunteer with kids. However, we ask our volunteers to let the PamperedMama know ahead of time, and to ensure that the children coming along with the GiftMama are respectful of the physical and emotional condition of the new mum or family.

Don’t hesitate to suggest a walk outdoors if weather permits, or to share a snack to channel the kids’ energy.

I don't like cooking, but I’d like to participate in pampering; what can I do?

In the family description, you’ll find the other services that may help the family. Don't hesitate to specify in the comments of the survey that you’d like to meet that need instead of providing a meal.

When do I have to deliver my meal?

You need to contact the PamperedMama 48 hours before your visit to agree with her on the time of your visit.

After pampering a mum for a supportive pampering or caregiver pampering session, I feel like I need to talk about it; what should I do?

Don’t keep it to yourself; we offer the possibility of debriefing anytime with a professional of the association. Your ContactMama will put you in touch.

I’m a man and I’d like to participate; may I?

Absolutely! Men are welcome in our association. When they sign up, our beneficiaries can indicate if they’re open to being visited by men. Don’t hesitate to sign up if this is the case!