Would you like to forge ties in your region? Would you like to be part of the concept, as a GiftMama?

Our GiftMamas provide an attentive, kind ear, comfort and support for free, depending on their availability. We suggest that you bring a simple home-cooked meal and give some of your time to sit down with a cup of tea and chat with a new family. Some families indicate that other services are helpful, such as going to the park, general assistance or walking the dog, so feel free to offer something other than a meal.

Everyone’s welcome!


Organisation of the pampering

By signing up on a survey, you’re agreeing to pamper a mum who will count on you to come visit her. You’ll be responsible for contacting the beneficiary 48 hours before your visit, to agree on what time you’ll come.

Welcoming the volunteers

Although the goal of the association is to put you in contact, we expect that our members will be kind and understanding when a mum doesn’t feel up to having someone visit her.

Time commitment

Our volunteers are free to give whatever amount of time is convenient for them. However, you will receive all requests for your region(s). If you’re not available to participate in a pampering, we request that you click on “save” in the survey that’s been sent to you, after you’ve indicated your first name and your surname!


If something comes up and you can’t make it, at least inform the PamperedMama and offer a different date for your visit. Your ContactMama will also be grateful to be informed when changes are made.