SuperMamans connects volunteers with families returning from the maternity with their newborn, to support them by bringing a meal and a time to meet and greet!

SuperMamans is an opportunity for new mothers to meet people in their area.

Through our network and through pampering, we put the HelpingMummies; those who offer a meal, in touch with the CuddleMummies; those who require pampering.

Why the pampering?

We want young mothers to feel supported in their new role by strengthening the social ties that exist around them. Our society, which advocates female success by managing the many hats of new mothers without showing any sign of weakness, only too rarely leaves room for doubt, fatigue and the need for support – if only logistical. Every woman has the right to take a breather between feedings/bottles, bad nights, physical and emotional fatigue. The goal is to bring a little company, a healthy and free meal and above all, to relieve the family in the first times of discovery and adaptation with a newborn.

Here is where you enter the race. Every help is precious!

Who are the HelpingMummies?

The HelpingMummy is a person with or without children ready to help. She can be at home full time or part time, pre-retired or fully retired. We call them HelpingMummies and they are a gift because they provide a healthy meal ready to be reheated for the new family.

The HelpingMummy gives her time in the kitchen, in transport and finally in a moment of exchange for unknown mothers. Some HelpingMummies prefer to offer themselves for a walk in the park, to babysit the grown-up(s) for the new mother to nap or take the kids to school, but also for a little moment of conviviality around a tea. The HelpingMommies are a gift with their presence and enthusiasm for doing good to others.

Who are the CuddleMummies?

The CuddleMummy is a future mum/new mum/adoptive mum/mum for the first time as well as for the xth time who accepts that we take care of her during these precious first times. She agrees to open her door to a stranger who has come to support her.

EVERY new mom (needy or not) deserves to be pampered. There are no exceptions.

This is an opportunity for everyone to meet mothers from the region, to make contacts, and even to create beautiful friendships.

When does a Support Pampering become necessary?

A « Pre-Pampering »
When a CuddleMummy-to-be experiences a risk of premature delivery (from 24 SA) and is on strict bed rest (medical order).

A « Support Pampering »
When a CuddleMummy experiences postpartum depression, Lorsqu’une maman vit une dépression du post-partum, perinatal bereavement or any traumatic event in the child’s first year.

A « Caregivers Pampering»

When a family is affected by an illness (of a parent or a child) or a traumatic event such as an accident and needs a momentary support.


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